Bill to Legalize Gay Marriage Clears Major Hurdle in Washington State

The Washington state Senate voted 28 in favor (including four Republicans) to 21 against late Wednesday evening to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage. The bill now goes to the House, where it's expected to pass, and Governor Chris Gregoire has already said she will sign it. So basically, the hard part is over and… » 2/02/12 1:17am 2/02/12 1:17am

David Choe Just Made $200 Million For Painting Facebook Office with…

If then-President of Facebook Sean Parker had come to you in 2005, asked you to paint his new offices with a bunch of cocks, and then offered to pay you in either a few thousand dollars in cold hard cash or just the equivalent in company stock, you would probably have gone for the cash, right? Particularly if the… » 2/01/12 11:46pm 2/01/12 11:46pm

Nobel Prize-Winning Polish Poet Wislawa Szymborska Dead at 88

Wislawa Szymborska, the 1996 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, died Wednesday at her home in Krakow, Poland, from lung cancer. She published fewer than 400 poems in her lifetime and was known as a recluse despite being Poland's most famous poet. Her verse was loved for its simplicity and sense of humor and… » 2/01/12 10:16pm 2/01/12 10:16pm

New Kremlin Website Asking for Criticism From Citizens Proving a Little…

Faced with huge protests in Moscow last December and growing unrest over government corruption and inefficiency, the Kremlin last week launched a new website called "Russia Without Fools" to create a sort of online support group for angry citizens. Russians are being asked to log on and share their gripes about inept… » 2/01/12 9:05pm 2/01/12 9:05pm

Five Things to Pay Attention To Instead of Donald Trump's "Major…

Uh-oh, guys: Donald Trump just tweeted that he will be making a "major announcement" tomorrow. Is he maniacally ridiculous enough to run as an independent candidate for President? Is he ending his awful reality show? (Is his show even still on? We stopped watching after they got rid of Omorosa.) Is he perhaps going… » 2/01/12 7:23pm 2/01/12 7:23pm

Twitter Has Some Suggestions For Mitt Romney's New Secret Service Code…

Well isn't Mitt Romney just a lucky boy tonight: his campaign told ABC News that he will begin receiving Secret Service protection this week "because of the increase in crowd sizes" at his campaign events. Presumably this calculus was made before Mitt Romney decided he would start erupting into song during his stump… » 2/01/12 12:00am 2/01/12 12:00am

Breaking: Sarah Palin's Non-Endorsement Endorsement Completely Worthless

Mitt Romney, as expected, has won the Florida primary with a solid 14.5 point lead over Newt Gingrich with 96% of precincts reporting. Newt responded to the spanking in his usual gracious fashion with what sounded suspiciously like a victory speech (he didn't bother to congratulate Romney) and instead declared the… » 1/31/12 10:20pm 1/31/12 10:20pm

New Jersey Town Revolts Against Parking Stations That Require Extra…

The residents of Bayonne, New Jersey are unusually fond of their old school parking meters — or so they discovered after city officials installed parking pay stations in lieu of the coin meters in hopes of being able to fit more cars on the street. The problem? The stations require vehicle owners to walk an… » 1/31/12 8:53pm 1/31/12 8:53pm

Mitt Romney Shouldn't Get Excited Even if He Wins Florida

As Mitt Romney settles in to gloat over his inevitable victory in tonight's Florida primary, it is worth noting that he and the rest of the Republican candidates are still viewed as losers by an increasing number of Republican voters. A new Pew Research poll finds that the number of GOP voters who let out an annoyed… » 1/31/12 7:24pm 1/31/12 7:24pm

Homeland Security Does Not Understand British Slang

Here's a good tip for foreign travelers hoping to visit the United States: no matter what the words "destroy America" might mean among your hometown folk, you may want to keep that phrase off your Twitter feed. Emily Bunting and Leigh Van Bryan, a pair of tourists from Great Britain, found this out the hard way after… » 1/31/12 12:27am 1/31/12 12:27am

Friendly Neighborhood Councilman Arrested For Creepy 30-Year-Old Murder

No this is not a plot summary from the latest episode of Cold Case, but it might as well be: a local Republican councilman in Bridgewater Borough, Pennsylvania was arrested for the long-ago murder of 23-year-old Catherine Janet Walsh, who was found bound and strangled at home in her bed in 1979. Police finally… » 1/30/12 10:37pm 1/30/12 10:37pm

Male Contraception To Include Fun-Sounding 'Testicular Zap' Option One…

It sounds so terribly romantic: "Don't worry, baby, I've just had my balls zapped." Researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that applying a couple 15-minute doses of ultrasound waves to rat testicles successfully reduced fertility to levels that would prevent pregnancy if replicated in humans. Of… » 1/30/12 10:29pm 1/30/12 10:29pm

Nerds Mourn Passing of Social Network that Isn't Facebook and Isn't…

What is a "Bebo?" Is it a) a new Internet nickname for Justin Bieber (my first guess) or b) a social network you have never heard of as a result of its stint as an AOL property that was sold at an $840 million loss? According to a lot of unexpected weeping on Twitter, it's the second of these two things. The site… » 1/30/12 8:56pm 1/30/12 8:56pm

Super Bowl Viewers May Not Be Treated To Images of Dead Fetuses During…

Long shot write-in Democratic presidential candidate and generally disliked media whore Randall Terry's bizarre quest to win supporters for his extreme anti-abortion agenda by assailing millions of Super Bowl viewers with a campaign commercial full of images of dead fetuses is not surprisingly meeting with oh, just a… » 1/30/12 7:25pm 1/30/12 7:25pm